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juagut 04-17-2001 10:28 AM

Ok, i've been reading the very large how-to for getting a modem onto ur linux box, and i have an internal pci modem. I don't know the manufacturer, but what i do know is (from my control panel) that i have an "LT Win Modem"...i know that i can't use a win modem, because they're aren't any drivers FOR Win Modems, the question is, should i go out and try to buy an external modem, or is there away around this issue??


(P.S. i'm running KDE on RH6.0 if thats any relavent information)

trickykid 04-17-2001 12:37 PM

You don't necessarily have to go out and buy an external modem, there are many modems that are internal that work, also have you checked out, they have a list of the win modems working under linux, but yeah like you said if you don't know the manufacturer, then it might be a little tough. You can though easily replace your modem with another internal compatible with both windows and linux.

CragStar 04-17-2001 05:02 PM

From the control panel does it say what type on winmodem it is? If it says it is an HCF one then forget for the momemtn, as they are not know to work at all. Goto this site and search for your modem to see if it is possible to get it working.

It also has a list of drivers available for download which are known to get linmodems working. I think that the Lucent (LT) is actually quite good at working in Linux, so hold your cash for the mo!:)

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