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statmobile 04-08-2004 04:35 PM gameday audio stream
Hey everyone,
I'm trying to listen to baseball games over the internet on the website. Well, needless to say, the entire setup is based upon M$ technology. Anyway, I just know there is a way to get this to work. It can come in either Windows Media Player format, or Realplayer format. I could never get realplayer to play in firefox, only to open as another program window. Well this doesn't work anymore. Someone said something about saving the meta file, and opening it up with mplayer. I can't seem to figure this out. Does anybody have any good links for streaming audio in Linux? Unfortunately, by this I mean streaming audio that is completely geared to MS Windows. Better yet, does anybody know how I could listen to my Red Sox games? I would be forever grateful for your help.

bosewicht 04-08-2004 05:12 PM

i listen to bbc radio all of the time and it opens in a similar manner, i think. First of all, does real player work? can you open it up by itself? if it does, go to extensions in firefox and download the "more options" extension (this is the easiest way i can think of right now) after this is downloaded and installed open it up and hit "mime types". Set *.rm files to be opened with realplay. restart firefox and that should work. otherwise r click the link that u would normally hit to listen to Go to properties and copy the location. this should be yaddayadda.rm. open realplayer and goto file load location and paste this addie in there. one of those should get u going

cank 05-03-2004 12:11 PM

Assuming you have a subscription, here's what you do:
1) click on desired audio link
2) You will get that console page prompting you to download the appropriate plug-in, even though you already have real player. Just click 'cancel'.
3) Right click on the left frame, which should have something like a larget team logo in it. Click 'View Frame Source'
4) Search for the line in the source that says something like:
document.write("<embed name='player' id='player' type='audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin' src='
You want to grab the URL in the 'src="...' section.
5) Paste this url into a new browser window
6) You should get a prompt to open the file with real audio. At this point, just choose your real audio program, e.g., mine is: /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/realplay

That should be all...

statmobile 05-03-2004 03:40 PM

Thanks cank, I'll give that a shot some time soon, and let you know if it works.

jimmyjames 05-05-2004 03:28 PM

The easiest solution might be to scrap the old player...

Now, if it was only that easy to stop the Sox's current losing streak... yikes.
Go Sox!

statmobile 05-09-2004 01:48 PM

Damn cank, you rock! I'm listening to the game right now. Instead of pasting the url into a new web browser, I just selected Menu>File>Open Location on the realplayer, and pasted the url into it. It works beautifully, although it could be a little simpler. I wish these sites wouldn't expect everybody to have Windows only.

daftcat 05-06-2008 10:16 PM

I know this thread is years old but if anyone finds it through search or Google, as of the 2008 season, there is a Linux project that supports gameday audio and video streams without having to inspect the source code on firefox. In fact, it doesn't even rely on firefox.

The project is called mlbviewer available on sourceforge at:

This project is actively supported right here in LQ forums at this thread (just jump to the last page):


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