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thetruevoice 03-20-2001 02:14 PM

I just installed samba from my red hat 7 cd by running rpm -Uvh samba......rpm. and it looked as if it installed correctly, but I was told that i would need to next edit smb.conf and it would be found in /etc but its not there. did i install it wrong or is it located somewhere else or am i supposed to create this file???

ejtbrown 03-20-2001 11:16 PM

The file is a bit complex to just make up yourself, so take a look at the netconf command. On my RedHat 6.0 system, it's in the /bin directory. It has a section for configuring the Samba deamon, and should create a /etc/smb.conf for you.

willl_hunting 03-21-2001 12:00 AM

the location of samba.conf is usually /etc or /etc/samba
if you are already fimiliar with samba then you can try to edit smb.conf in any editor but there is a good program with gui "gnusamba" that allows you to change and add several parametres to your file..
i think you can get it from
hope it helps

thetruevoice 03-21-2001 11:30 AM

Preciate the replies, but I ran netconf (it was in /sbin/netconf) and I dont see anything about samba. It has basic host, DNS, Routing, host name search, NIS, IPX setup, NFS, IP aliases, info about other hosts and networks, and linuxconf network access. Is it under one of these??? Thanx

ejtbrown 03-21-2001 04:10 PM

My netconf has a section called 'Server Tasks', with the Apache server, NFS server, FTP server, Samba server, and a few others.

thetruevoice 03-30-2001 09:30 PM

Sorry took so long to reply. I went outa town.
in netconf under server tasks all I have is Exported
file systems (NFS) and IP aliases for virtual hosts.
Why dont I have the other options, especially SAMBA?
Can anyone PLEEEAAASSE help?

ejtbrown 04-06-2001 12:58 PM

I put my original smb.conf (the one that the RedHat 6.0 installer originally put on my system) on my website. The URL is:

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