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joel b 12-09-2004 12:25 PM

missing needed files for k3b
Hi - running current Suse personal edition - K3b will copy cd's and data just fine, but will not turn mp3's into audio cd's - I just get a hissing noise - when I went into setup, it appears to me I am missing some files, like tcdecode and tcextract. Where can I find these and is this the most likely cause?


cjcox 12-09-2004 01:42 PM

It is likely that you'll need something like LAME installed. You can get that as well as many other packages, including an updated k3b (since we're getting off of the supported packages you might run into issues... you have been warned) at

I have had no problem ripping audio CDs to MP3s and then creating audio CDs back.

Boow 12-09-2004 03:56 PM

i think you need libmad and id3tag if you can compile from source it will tell you exactly what you need. do a search for k3b-mp3 if you want rpm

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