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Guitarist88 06-24-2004 09:36 PM

MIDI Help: ALSA and recompiling the kernel?
When I do a clean install of Mandrake 10 on my box, it doesn't have MIDI support from the get go. :( I need the midi for a program called Powertab, a guitar tab editor with midi ouput which I am going to use with wine.

When I go to the control center --> Sound system --> Hardware, the drop down box for midi device is empty.

I tried to install the new ALSA drivers but did not succeed... I don't have sound now! STUPID ME! :rolleyes: :mad:

I also tried to recompile my kernel but I got some error messages during the boot and it didn't have sound or an internet connection!


I'm thinking I just need help installing ALSA to support midi. I think the last time I did it I screwed up my Modules.conf file. If someone could help me through this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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