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sjia 04-22-2004 11:56 PM

messagebus process problems
I am having problems with the process called messagebus. I read the man document and did my best to resolve the issues but I am still to new to figure it out. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

I presently have this process turned off because of the problems I was having. Is this process vital to my system performance? Does anyone know the reason for it and how I can resolve the issue.

I believe the process is running or I would not get a shutdown error "messagebus fail". Although it seems to be running, if I check my sessions (processes), it says messagebus not running.

I am running Fedora. On one of my computers, messagebus process is working fine. After comparing computer files, I found the working computer had a file in the directory /var/run/dbus called "system_bus_socket". This file was missing from the other computer. I copied that file to the same directory on my none working messagebus computer but every time I rebooted my system, that file would disappear. Can someone give me some direction. Thanks

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