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soleside 07-18-2005 05:15 PM

Mepis 3.3 & The Silver SpeedTouch 330 USB Modem

Sorry if this topic has been covered, or if it's in the wrong place but I'm only on my second day with my first Linux distro (SimplyMEPIS). A n00b you may say, and in need of some help.

On booting up Mepis 3.3 I've noticed that my modem (Silver, Speedtouch 330) appears to be recognised, and from my n00b point-of-view it looks as if it is recognised on all of the USB ports. However, I don't know how to install/configure it so that I can use it.

I've read through a few so-called guides on installation but I'm still lost.

So, if it's no trouble I'd like to ask

a.) Are the required drivers/firmware etc included in Mepis 3.3?
b.) If so, How do I configure the modem for usage?
c.) If not, What exactly do I download?
d.) How do I install everything? (Step by Step would be great. I'd also need help with the Konsole if that's needed for installation)

Many thanks in advance.


mattLSO 07-25-2005 09:07 AM

Hey to get this modem working under Debian, although the software is distribution independant I used this:

I am using version 1.2, it seems they are on version 1.3 now. There is some good documentation there also.


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