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eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 12:36 PM

md5sum for windows???
can i use the md5sum under windows xp??? is there a way of checking the iso files i downloaded before burning them? i already downloaded all the iso files and burned them before checking them, then i ran the test before the installation but the first cd has failed three times (i've burned it 3 times). i can't use my cd burner under linux. i wonder if i can check the iso files under windows xp so that i can burn them without wasting more virgin cds.

thanks in advance!


Thymox 10-09-2002 12:43 PM

Yeah, there is. There's a program called md5summer for Windows. Can't remember where it is, but googling should find it quick enough. More interestingly, though, why can't you use your CD burner under Linux?

Thymox 10-09-2002 12:44 PM

Oops. Just thought... if you already have a Linux distro up and running on your machine, and you don't mind booting to and from, you could use the md5sums program under Linux... unless, of course, you're running XP with an NTFS filesystem.

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 12:46 PM

by the way...
by the way, i'm trying to install the linux 8.0 version.

if i use the md5sum (for windows xp and once i find it), do i need to compare the result with anything else??? i heard you get a code as a response, where can i find the codes for correct iso images???

i can use my cd burner in linux but i tried to burn a disk and it was burned incorrectly, i got an error message but i can't remember what it said. i will try later and pose the problem.

thanks again!


eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 12:49 PM

i already ran the md5sum in linux
i already ran the md5sum in linux but as i mentioned before, i couldn't burn the first disk under linux. i will try to solve the cd burner problem with a cd-rw but i will do that later.



Thymox 10-09-2002 12:50 PM

Nope. All you need to do is download the ISO files and the file md5sums (sometimes it is a variation of that, which is only a couple of kbs at most) and have them in the same directory. Once they're all downloaded run the program to check the md5sum key (the small file) against the ISO files. Simple as that.

Mara 10-09-2002 12:52 PM

Md5sum for Windows is called md5summer and can be found here:

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 12:55 PM

i tried doing that but i got an hexadecimal code in response (under linux)

Thymox 10-09-2002 12:58 PM

Under linux you need to type this:
md5sum --check md5sumsfile
where md5sumsfile is the small file you downloaded. Here's the output I got for Mandy9 ISOs:

md5sum: Mandrake90-cd1-inst.i586.iso: No such file or directory
Mandrake90-cd1-inst.i586.iso: FAILED open or read
Mandrake90-cd2-ext.i586.iso: OK
Mandrake90-cd3-i18n.i586.iso: OK
md5sum: WARNING: 1 of 3 listed files could not be read

I get the errors because I have already burned the first ISO file (it's MD5s were fine) and so deleted the file.

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 01:01 PM

i guess the redhat version of md5sum is different. there is another post in this same forum where a guy shows what he got after running the md5sum: a big hex code...

thanks again!

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 01:05 PM

does the md5summer take long??? it's been running for 7 mins now

Thymox 10-09-2002 01:08 PM

It depends... it took ~1m to do 2 ISO files. This is going to sound very rude, but are you sure you're checking the codes and not generating them?

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 01:18 PM

yes, i clicked on "verify sums" but it seems that i can not choose the .iso file... by default i can open text files and .md5 files... i selected the file manually but it takes long. last time i did the same thing and i got a "file is empty" error...

Thymox 10-09-2002 01:19 PM

I've not used the Windows md5summer package in a while, but I believe you're supposed use the .md5 file rather than the iso.

eduardo_ha 10-09-2002 01:28 PM

newbiee question: i have the .iso files, not the md5 files... what's the difference??? i'm supposed to burn the iso files into cd's aren't i? can i check the iso files after downloading them???

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