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dominant 05-07-2004 04:18 AM

MD5 hash value
What value's hash value we should calculate in order to ensure that the package or ISO images are the genuine ones?

btmiller 05-07-2004 04:36 AM

Just type md5sum <filename> where <filename> is the name of the file, and compare the results with the supplier's MD5 sum. If they match, then the files are OK and if not they were tampered with/corrupted in the download.

dominant 05-07-2004 04:52 AM

Well, SUSE says


i say

monster:~ # echo "LiveCD-9.1-01.iso" |md5sum
ba1e90a2b3b7165d6aa24b192c7f549e  -
monster:~ # echo "" |md5sum
a9de46bb2a390a829cbc9450ca80fb9c  -
monster:~ #

I though that the exact size of the ISO must also calculated to ensure that nobady has changed adding any malicious code.

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