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ARCIS_house 03-20-2006 09:03 AM

Marvell yukon network card
Hello, i have this - marvell yukon 88e8053 network card on my laptop. I install sk98lin driver, and i have this error -
check kernel gcc version (2.95.3) (kernel :2.95.3 !=gcc :4.0.3), i understund that my kernel gcc version is not equal as gcc version, but what i can do? I try install from source gcc-2.95.3, but i could not do it, becouse of error.
p.s sorry for my english :(

Dragineez 03-20-2006 02:53 PM

Get The Right Compiler
I'm not sure, but I think it wants the 3.4 compiler. I don't know what distro you're running but your package manager du jour should be able to install this for you.

Now you need to tell it which compiler to use.


export CC
export CC

This will set an environment variable telling it what compiler you have.

You may also have to download a great deal of the kernel source in order to do this. What distro?

cs-cam 03-20-2006 07:09 PM

Ick, that driver is very average. Mixed results all around, some people it works great, some it says it's working but no network data is actually being sent and in other cases (such as mine), it just flat out won't work.

Dragineez gave some good advice though, you'll need kernel source (at least the headers) and the same version of gcc installed that your kernel was built with. The sk98lin installer has an option to generate a patch to apply to the kernel source, this might be your best option as then you'll have a kernel compiled by the gcc version you have installed.

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