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bobp22 11-21-2007 05:57 AM

Mandriva Mepis Firefox
I have been experimenting with many different Versions of linux namely Mandriva 2008 & Mepis 6.5 I am connected via ethernet to main computer running XP with ADSL connection.The problem is that Mandriva will not connect with mozilla but makes rapid connect with Konqueror.
The same applies for Mepis no firefox browser search engine connection.Earlier Versions of both work in reverse with one surprise Mepis 3.3 works with both But the real Dilemma is when I try to update these new installs, guess what, update defaults to a browser that does not work. I have been direct to both products Forums to no avail.this problem also compounds when I try to install "sh GoogleEarthLinux.bin". If the replies are complicated don't bother because I have toyed with this too long and am Looking for Simple solution because I am fed up with typing command prompts windows is winning with its point and click simplicity. If you are. I am still willing to persevere a little longer, before i conclude that Linux still has long way to go to meet my needs.
Still hopeful

pixellany 11-21-2007 07:48 AM

Reading between the lines, it appears that you are sharing the internet connection through the Windows computer.

The first thing to try would be connecting the Linux computer directly to the DSL modem and see if things work correctly there. My personal choice would be to simply get a router. That will make everything easier to set up.

While you are sorting this out, stay with one distribution.

Finally, since you only joined us in October, consider giving it at least until Christmas before you give up....

bobp22 11-21-2007 05:22 PM

thanks Pixe not prepared to give up yet.Progress to date : Yes I am using Hard wire Network, but small element of Success after posting I reloaded Mepis 6.5 ie;mepis32. Both web browsers are performing Ok now But now to try installing Software To begin with lets start with Google earth,I am hoping for a simple install that works first time.
ans to your ? yes to all but The last Keyboard user Interface I remember was Windows 3.1 I wish to go forward not backwards so lets Keep trying

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