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gridsleep 10-25-2006 11:22 AM

Mandriva 2007 install fails in Virtual PC 2004
Basically that's all I want to say. I have Mandriva 2006 installed in MS Virtual PC 2004, it works, although I'm having some trouble upgrading it right now. The Mandriva 2007 installer fails when upgrading without a detailed error message.

Also, searching in this forum is kind of a lost cause because even the most detailed search criteria produces a list with a couple of hundred entries. That is not what I call narrowing it down, if I still have to spend an hour reading to find one bit of information. If you ask me, the blogosphere is still in its infancy and not to be considered a useful tool for some time to come.

noranthon 10-29-2006 01:46 AM

I have Mandriva 2006 installed and will soon be installing 2007 - on a separate partition. I do not have enough faith in the OS to try "upgrading".

In your position, I would install afresh. That said, I have no faith in any M$ software, which you are trying to use to install a system which M$ refuses to recognise.

gridsleep 10-30-2006 04:52 AM

So, if something doesn't work, stop trying? Give up? Progressive.

If Mandriva 2006 installed without a problem, why doesn't 2007 install, even fresh? What was changed in the installer? Why? I had trouble installing the 2007 beta on my 64-bit machine. I had to wait for the 2007 final to get it to install. And it still doesn't work with my Theater 550 TV card. And video on my X1800XT won't go over 60Hz. Microsoft may be an SOB but at least the drivers match the hardware's capabilities. I'm picturing at least a decade before GNU/Linux is close to being a mainstream consumer operating system. Unless Vista is so bad that it forces ordinary users to consider Linux, in which case hardware companies may finally give Linux the attention it needs to compete.

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