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balraj 09-08-2008 01:05 PM

make menuconfig -buildroot error can't open file "package/festival/speech-tool
I want to port embedded linux in ARM board.
I have started with buildroot download.
steps finished:
1.downloaded buildroot-snapshot.tar.bz2 and untar done.
2. cd /buildroot folder
3.make menuconfig command
following is the result for that command.
[root@localhost buildroot]# make menuconfig
target/device/KwikByte/ warning: Overlong line
toolchain/external-toolchain/ warning: Overlong line
package/ipsec-tools/ warning: Overlong line
package/audio/festival/ can't open file "package/festival/speech-tools/"

Configuration window is not opening..please help me to solve this problem.
i am using following software and hardware config:

1.Fedora 8.0 linux
2. AMD 64 bit based motherboard

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