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poseidoniv 04-19-2003 01:36 PM

mail logs when i havent sent mail
Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me?
I have been noticing my mail logs filling up. the
problem is i havent even set up my mail yet, it says
that messages have been sent ,but i havent .it seems the
system is doing it. here is part of a log.......
Apr 19 04:02:07 localhost sendmail[7390]: h3J927Ol007390: from=<root@localhost.localdomain>, size=8118, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<200304190902.h3J92778007387@localhost.localdomain>, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, relay=localhost.localdomain []
Apr 19 04:02:07 localhost sendmail[7387]: h3J92778007387: to=root, ctladdr=root (0/0), delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, pri=30054, relay=[] [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (h3J927Ol007390 Message accepted for delivery)
I would appreciate any help on this matter.thankyou

bulliver 04-19-2003 03:39 PM

Sometimes services such as cron mail the results of it's actions to root. This may be that. Why don't you read the messages to see...

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