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tearinox 08-02-2003 07:08 PM

:mad: Arghhh!!! I can't figure out where this RPM file installed itself!
I downloaded a file called automake-1.5-cvshome.1.src.rpm and installed it... but have no where it put it... Plz mucho gracious approval to you that help :)

tearinox 08-02-2003 07:11 PM

sry i forogot to include the details... i have a mandrake 9.1 system KDE... I double clicked the file and it just installed without telling me anything about where it went. Then i clicked it again to try to find out, but then it just said "already installed" plz help

bax 08-02-2003 07:13 PM

Why don't you take a look at your KDE menu (what pops up when you click the K on the botom left of your screen) and the menu entry "Find Files"?

hobylinux 08-02-2003 07:21 PM

i'm a newbie and have had this happen to me a few times as well. you could also try searching for the file in konqueror or something like that. i'm not exactly sure what that package is, but if you have any clues as to what the folder it put itself in might be called, you could do a search, putting an * on one or both sides of the name. then, when you find it, use menudrake to put it in the k menu.

hobylinux 08-02-2003 07:22 PM

oops, i just realized that bax said pretty much the same thing before i did.:D

tearinox 08-02-2003 07:23 PM

I did, but im not quite sure what to search for since whatever the install spits out is different than the rpm files name

hobylinux 08-02-2003 07:30 PM

try this and see what happens:

go to the software management option in mandrake control center. go to the uninstall packages option. choose list all packages, and locate the name of the package you installed. then, on the right, choose to display "maximum information." that should hopefully list the names of all the files it installed. the one listed in /usr/bin should probably (provided my linux knowledge is right here) be the command to run the program.

bax 08-02-2003 08:45 PM

Make sure that you change where you're looking in Find to /
That is / otherwise known as root which is the root of the filesystem tree. You could also try dropping down to command line, becoming superuser and doing this:

[bax@morbo bax]$ su
[root@morbo bax]# cd /
[root@morbo /]# find -name automake

If you're just checking to see if it's installed properly, try rpm -q automake

tearinox 08-03-2003 11:02 AM

ahhh there we go, thx bax and hobylinux!! :)

Disruptor 08-03-2003 01:04 PM

hmmmmm ... well basing on the name of the package:


You seem to have downloaded an SRC (source) rpm - this is NOT exactly the
same thing with common rpms. THIS would be a common rpm:

automake-1.5-cvshome.1.rpm ( no `.src' before .rpm - notice that)

The command `rpm -i' on these packages installs the (uncompiled) sources.
Nothing else: these rpms are not registered (that is why you can not 'see' it)
and,most importantly, they do not install the program you want - jsut it's
sources (useless).

In order to produce a .rpm from a .src.rpm you've got to pass the .src.rpm
through compilation. Here is the command that does everything for you:

rpmbuild --rebuild automake-1.5-cvshome.1.src.rpm

you will see a lot of output on the console for about 15 minutes and by
the time compilation will be over a couple of rpms will have been created in


where <smt> is directory name that varies from distro to distro. Just cd
in this directory and install the packages you will find. Hope these help.


P.S.: Ofcourse there is the easy way around: Just use the respect .rpm package
and get on with this. :)

Disruptor 08-03-2003 01:06 PM

errrrr .... sorry annotation didn't work corrctly above. At the beginning of the
message this is what I meant to anotate:


Sorry! :)

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