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dohicks@cyberpo 10-14-2001 09:46 AM

LS-120 Superdisk
I have V6.2 RedHat installed. I have a LS-120 Superdisk that will not work. It is recognized as hdd, but it shows that it is an ATAPI unknown device. I have added lines to fstab to mount it, but I believe that until the system knows what the ATAPI device is it will not work. Do I need to load a module for this device? If so what module would I load? I have tried to reinstall the V6.2 software several times without success. Can someone steer me in the right direction for documentation or give me some hints?

acid_kewpie 10-14-2001 09:58 AM


trickykid 10-14-2001 02:20 PM

hey acid, you link goes to another thread instead of the actual double post...

but dohicks,

here is what my fstab looks like in redhat 7.1 for my ls-120 floppy drive... might get you in the right direction.

/dev/hdb /mnt/ls120.0 auto noauto, owner, kudzu 0 0

isajera 10-14-2001 04:56 PM

here's the thread :

:) i don't like this... kewpie's taking over my spot as the unofficial person who bitches out the double-posters.

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