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salimshahzad 12-07-2009 05:00 AM

lpic-1 examination materials
dear gurus,seniors

hello good day to you

i am new to this website, but happy that after all i join a big forums.

i do have various problem in linux on various level

1) first thing i need to pass the exam at any cost for lpic-1 101 and 102, can someone provide me current testing patterns, dumps, guideline, simulators for practising. i find many sites old 3-7 years old linux exams info given. i do have books with me in pdf format.

2) which is best flavor for practise lpic exams, on lower pc config like 128 mb 20gb hdd 500mhz i have ibm t21 labtop i try many many flavors only puupy linux sucess. so there i found mostly major commands related to linux adminstrations, trouble shooting are not there. even no manual pages too. rest live cd never boot until u have 256 mb

3) i do work on production servers rhel 5.3 and ubuntu also

4) upto know i am confuse entirely there are 100+ known linux distrubution. suse,redhat are commercial, fedora does not work small pc or old pc. vector also does not load. gos i download very slow

is there any guideline for poor and new student who wish to kick off compltely windows from their life and bring fresh breath and air of linux. i know their is hopes in linux, linux is one can give me new career path in It world.

kind regards

pixellany 12-07-2009 07:56 AM

I think you have things a bit backward.......

First, learn about Linux by actually installing it an using it. THEN worry about taking exams.

This aside, this site will not provide any material such as "testing patterns, dumps....." This would violate the rules of the organization that does the testing. Because this question is the main point, I am closing this thread.

Please start a new thread on any of your other questions.

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