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sharky84 10-02-2013 11:43 PM

LPIC-1 before RHCSA?

I'm about to pickup Linux... finally after working in IT for more than a decade I can't resist anymore and will try the switch.

As my goal is to switch from Windows Sys Admin to Linux Sys Admin I will eventually try to get the RHCSA and RHCSE.
But, and here's my question, would you recommend to get the LPIC-1 first? Reason I'm asking is because I don't know if the LPIC-1 topics would also be included in the RHCSA certification path? Or does the RHCSA certification path actually require fundamental Linux knowledge?


I'm pretty much dead set on studying for LPIC-1 first. Now I only need to figure out which Linux dist to use..

druuna 10-03-2013 03:54 AM

LPIC(1) and RHCSA are different and, in my opinion, cannot be compared.

- LPIC is theoretical (multiple choice) and geared toward general Linux knowledge. LPIC might be a good way to get familiar with Linux when you don't have (much) Linux knowledge to start with.

- RHCSA is hands-on (solve a set of problems on a RedHat based machine). RHCSA might be good when you already have practical Linux knowledge and want to (have to?) prove you are able to apply that knowledge in a certain amount of time.

My experience: Due to the practical side of the RHCSA certification it is valued more then LPIC by the people that care about these things.

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