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Tenzing 10-10-2003 08:20 AM

Lost My Documents
So this is what happens when you're too cocky!

Before transitioning from Windows 98 to RedHat 9, I burned all my crucial documents to CD to ensure they would not be lost. So far, so good...several weeks passed and I grew to be relatively comfortable with Linux.

Then tragedy struck...the disks with my backed-up files on them were destroyed.

I have heard that it is possible that these files may still be on my machine somewhere accessible, but I don't have the Linux knowledge to go prowling around for them. Does anyone have suggestions as for how I might be able to do this? (Otherwise I will have lost circa 8 years of backed-up files, quite enough to make anyone cranky...)

For reference, in case there is a time limit on this, I believe I made the switch about a month ago...

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!!


michaelk 10-10-2003 09:46 AM

In reality, if you repartitioned and reformated the drive compeletely there is little chance of recovering data.

There are data recovery centers that might be able to recover some lost data but at a prohibitive cost for the average person.


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