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Travis86 03-16-2003 02:35 PM

Looking for a better terminal emulator.
I recently installed IceWM, which uses xterm as the terminal emulator. I don't like xterm's scroll bar and tried using the gnome-terminal. While it's scroll bar is better (line by line vs. pages), I don't want to borrow out of the Gnome parts bin for another wm. Does anyone know of a good stand-alone terminal emulator with a normal scroll bar?

doublefailure 03-16-2003 04:30 PM

xterm can scroll line by line and by page

shift-arrow line
shift-pgup/pgdown page

if that's what u want..

MasterC 03-16-2003 04:46 PM

I've never tried it, but aterm or eterm might be more of what you want.


acid_kewpie 03-16-2003 04:50 PM

i use aterm and it works fine apart from a few things i can't work out for the life of me, like why it *always* scrolls on tty output even when you tell it not to which is really really annoying, it is based on xterm code, but with user friendly tweaks, and a more normal scrollbar to boot. i'm after something better too though and can't find what i want. Eterm is OTT for what it's meant to be and the menubars and such are ugly and always insists on some silly background...

Travis86 03-16-2003 06:30 PM

Ok, I've got the eterm binary in an rpm. Where does it go? In a /bin directory, an /sbin directory, or will rpm put it where it should go? Next question is "Which /bin or /sbin directory do I put it in?"

I've read the filesystem hirarchy standard, but that doesn't seem to help. I've just never been able to find a good rule for where things should go.

MasterC 03-16-2003 06:32 PM

The rpm will put it where it needs to go.


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