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trollman 01-18-2004 10:56 AM

logout kde give black screen
Hello, im not exactly sure where to put this post, so im just going to stick it here. Hopefully someone will find it and can help me...Here it goes. I am running KDE3.2 Beta with XFree 4.3 on Suse 8.2. I can boot up, and log into my computer just fine, but when i logout of KDE to get back to the command prompt the whole screen is garbled with purple, white, and blue squares, forming a pattern across the whole screen. If i press Ctrl + Alt + F1...etc i just get a black screen. I do however believe that the login prompt is there, i just cant see it. If i switch back to X window (Ctrl + Alt + F7) and i type startx, i will log back into KDE.

The only two possible changes i could have done to cause this would be changing the default run level from 5 to 3, so i wouldnt get that kdm login window. And i also edited my XFree86 file to add tv-out support for my nvidia card. Both changes work, and i didnt have a problem when i restarted in those two cases....I guess its also worth mentioning that i attempted to upgrade to kernel 2.6.1, but i put back the original kernel from the CD. Anyway, if anyone can help, i have no idea what to do. Thanks


leonscape 01-18-2004 12:11 PM

This sounds like a Nvidia driver problem. Did you reinstall the driver after returning to the other kernel?

This is happened to me with various driver configurations and kernels when things have gone wrong. The brightness seems to be the problem. I also have had it where the screen was very faint ( I could just see the command line ) but it didn't scroll So I'd flick too tty2 and back too tty1 to see a screen update.

trollman 01-18-2004 05:36 PM

okay, i re-installed the nvidia drivers. and the installation was successfull. but i am still having this problem. I do however believe you are corrent in suspecting the nvidia driver. Do you know how i can just un-install the driver? I want to try starting over from scratch. Thanks

leonscape 01-18-2004 05:47 PM

In the XF86Config it should be nvidia not nv. If you have nv then that could be your problem also check that you haven't got a dri block. You shoud have load "glx" in your modules. Theirs two that need to be removed thats load "Glcore" and load "dri".

Removing is accomplished through the installer with the option --uninstall.

trollman 01-18-2004 08:42 PM

i think i figured out what the problem is. I changed the defualt runlevel to 3 so i wouldnt be prompted with the graphical login. I notice when i change to runlevel 5 and i logout im back to a GUI. maybe when i am in runlevel 3 the system is still trying to display the gui but it cant, so its just patterns. (suse uses this blueish background on the intinal console, which explains why when i logout i see color patterns, and on all the other consoles are just black) I am gonna try some stuff to see if this really is the problem.

edit: I believe this is the problem. I am currently in runlevel 5, in a konsole window i change to runlevel 3, i am then logged out, and presented with that pattern, i then switch back to runlevel 5, and i have the graphical login.

So i guess the question now would be, how can i safely stop the login manager from booting at start up?

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