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tarballed 07-31-2003 10:10 AM

Logging in slow to RH 9.0 box
Hello everyone.

I have a question about a RH 9.0 server that im working with. I am testing out RH 9.0 to see if we would like to put it into production.

However, I noticed that when I log in (via putty), once I enter my login name, it hangs for about 3 seconds, then the password prompt shows up...Not long I know, but i've never had this happen before with any other RH version.

Anyone have any idea on what it could possibly be? It kind of annoys me that it hangs, being that im so used to quick logons.

Thank you.


youngstorm 07-31-2003 12:03 PM

Are you using PAM maybe LDAP or something similar? Try rebooting your
computer. When you enter your username to log in watch the harddrive
light while you press 'Enter' and for those few seconds until the password
prompt appears. Is your harddrive light very active or even on solid?

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