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ZiTriX 11-14-2005 04:03 PM

log in as root on x-server
I have a Ubuntu system and GNOME as x-server.. but i wonder how you do to log in as root on the x-server and not only in the terminal.. im a newbie so i prefer the graphic usage before only text;P

bosewicht 11-14-2005 04:51 PM

in a terminal window
(not the root terminal window)

sudo passwd root
enter the (sudo) user password
then after the next message enter
root password
reenter root password
close terminal

go to the login setup/security and check
"enable root to use WDM"

then log out and try to log in as root using the new root password

JimBass 11-14-2005 09:41 PM

But don't do it.

X-windows is ok if you want it, but running it as root is a huge security error. I am of the opinion that X should never be on a server, as it is just a waste of resources that should be directed elsewhere, like actually doing what the server was designed for, which never should be showing you pretty pictures.

Also, running as fulltime root is inviting windows errors, like viruses and such. Part of the reason that linux viruses are virtually nonexistant is that most linux boxes aren't run as full time root. The saftey of that is I can't harm the key files of the computer, as I don't have the rights to do so. As full time root, anything I do can effect the computer.

X is a semi-bad idea on a server. Fulltime root is outright stupid (true on M$ systems as well), and it lowers the security of your computer to an unacceptable level.

Besides, what do you need root for? Other than modifying config files, you should have a server that runs like a top without any direct intervention on the part of a user.


ZiTriX 11-15-2005 01:41 AM

Im beware of how it is with the security.. but i don't have any internet on the computer that im having linux on, right now im just trying to learn the system. But thanks for answers:D

wimnat 11-15-2005 08:15 AM

I always install X on servers but only ever have the machine boot to init 3. I can then go up to init 5 if ever i need to.

As for learning the system... you're much better off learning the command line.

ethics 11-15-2005 08:32 AM

does ubuntu have root? when i installed it i only had a sudo option.... i spose you could have added it.

Anyway you can login to a terminal as root then execute the graphical ap/config you want say gnome-control-centre.... that way you are still only root for that command, but have the GUI config to change things that you want.

If you can't be arsed with su <pass> each time

man sudo :)

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