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Meriadoc 06-21-2004 12:27 PM

Location of standard icons in Mandrake 10
Hi all,
I'm still working with Linux, and happier about it (almost) every day. My quest to get a desktop layout and interface *I* want instead of one somebody in, lets say, Redmond thinks is OK, is almost complete. Right now I've stepped over from Gnome to KDE (3) which can do one or two extra things I like. Anyway sorry for the long introduction and on to my questions.
- Mandrake (10) as default changes the KDE K with a mandrake star icon (to acces the menu), I can't find an option to change this, so I was considering changing the star png with one I want. The only problem is, I can't find it. Can someone point me to it? Or to a better way of changing this?
- If I set Konsole to transparent, it displays the background image of my desktop, under Gnome this was done perfectly (with the gnome terminal), but Konsole shifts the picture slightly to the left and up, and puts the top 5% of the picture on the bottom. Is there a solution for this, or is it just a bug?
- Does anyone know where the theme manager has gone off to in Mandrake 10 KDE look&feel configuration, or how to get it back?

Well okay three trivial questions right now, but it would save me a bundle of time and irritation looking for answers if someone could help me along.
Thanks in advance,

spineynorman 06-21-2004 05:49 PM

Firstly I'd go to easy urpmi and follow the instructions carefully.

You'll be better off once you've got sources configured for Main, contrib, updates and plf. The first 3 are obvious in their uses. The last one, plf (penguin liberation front) produce extra stuff for mandrake (and possibly others, but mainly mandrake).

Once you've followed the instructions, go into "configure my computer" (aka the mandrake control centre), software manager>install go for yes when it ask's.

Once it's finished doing "it's thing", then look down the list of available packages and look for kdemoreartwork packages (if there's 2 with very similar names/numbers, I alway's go for the highest numbered one - which is probably the latest).

I've installed them all.

Then when you go into "configure my desktop" (aka the KDE control centre) you should have a choice of lot's of iconset's to choose from - recently I've been using "slick 1.5", but currently have gorilla icon's (try it, you'll see :)).

Some of the artwork packages come with background's as well (plus wall papers).

It's very easy, because it has all been installed via mandrake rpm's (yes there are rpm's for other distro's, but if you try them, they might not work or you end up in "dependency hell").

There's also an absolute shitload of stuff if you have a look at KDE look but unless it's specifically identified as a mandrake package, it may take a bit more effort to install.

Now your default icon location files are usually at

and if you follow my suggestion above for the kdemoreartwork then you'll end up with lot's of additional sub-directories for the extra iconset's you'd have installed.

As far as getting rid of the Mandrake star icon on the start button, I don't know yet, that's something I've been meaning to do as well, but if you have a look/login/register here you should be able to find the instructions that I was reading earlier on how to accomplish that. The icon seems to be called Mandrake.png



Meriadoc 06-22-2004 02:51 AM

Thanks for the tips Spideynorman, I'm trying it out right now.

spineynorman 06-23-2004 02:22 PM

Did you get anywhere with it ??

Norm :cool:

Meriadoc 06-24-2004 03:06 AM

Oh sorry, I was rude enough not to post an update (slipped my mind). I did find the folder with icons and I quite simply changed the mandrake.png one with another of my choosing, unfortunately it didn't work :( Then I got latched on to another 'project' and put the icons in the freezer for a second. Will get back to this somewhere this weekend I think.

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