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nirmaltom 09-06-2006 05:30 PM

local hard disk install on debian & mandriva
I got the iso images for debian and mandriva copied into my local hard disk.I am new to both debian and mandriva. Currently I am running FC5 on LVM and i have quite free space on the volume group and more than 84 mb available free space on /boot partition.

here is my aim and queries
1)can i use the same /boot partition for debian and mandriva too.
2)to configure grub to get into the appropriate installers and install from the images on my local hard disk.

i tried it for debian by copying vmlinuz and initrd files and configuring grub to boot from it.I was capable of getting into the debian installer but it asks me for the cd media in the subsequent steps.

Thanks for any response.


aus9 09-08-2006 08:51 AM

generally speaking, if you nominate an existing partition and format or not format it....the installer will overwrite it with its system files......note system files

therefore boot can not be appended but you could take images such as with which is what I do.

2) it does mean however that you could risk not formatting a separate home partition but I have never tried it.

3) your iso is a bootable cd image so as its not a hard drive image like a vmware file.....the grub is not the answer.

it looks to me that you are trying out a few distros?
so consider going for partimages which can be burnt to cdr or dvd media
maybe running Xen?

nirmaltom 01-11-2007 03:26 PM

sorry for the late but a successful reply.i didnt notice it as the mails are delivered to my junk folder in my hotmail account.Currently i am running mandriva 2006,fc5,fc6 on same volume group and a single boot partition.

we shall also configure the grub to get into installers in two ways
1)the first method is quite simple and needs any empty or unused partition, basically shall use the same partition in which we plan to install the new linux system. In the images folder of the first cd, they have boot disk image.use dd command and write it on new partition,like
dd if=diskboot.img of=/dev/sda5
the put entry for sda5 in grub,as put for windows using the chainloader concept
2)in the same images folder of the first cd,make us of it and copy the vmlinuz and initrd files .notice how they have an entry for these files to load in isolinux.cfg file.make a similar entry in shall then use the images os distro in hard disks to install.this methods didnt require any cds or floppies.
debian documentation have notes on this method
thanks a lot

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