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shortsword 10-03-2004 03:56 AM Icons Do Not Appear
The UI depends heavily on icons. On my browser, some of them appear as a small square with the usual "graphic not available" picture in it, and some are just empty squares.

On the page where I am preparing this entry, the vB Code secnty has all viewable buttons with short help messages that show up when I hover the mouse pointer over them.

The Messages Icon section is full of empty squeres, the Smilies area is full of "graphic not found" pictures (although the "scratching my head" smiley is doing just that. And, that is appropriate sense I am doing the same.

It took me a while to figure out how to start a new thread. But, that icon is one of the ones with a short help message, so here I am preparying my first entry for the community.

I am running FireFox on a Linux box (Fedora Core 2) with processing power provided by an Intel processor via HP. If you guessed that HP did not provide the Linux software, ... aw well that was obvious anyway.

I am seeing all of the advertising on the page. So, it is not a matter of my Firefox having graphis downloads turned off.

Any ideas out there.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

shortsword 10-03-2004 04:12 AM

More information.

I went back to the main page for this forum to post a new thread entry. I notice that my previous message was in the post and explored some of the missing icons next to that entry.

When I hovered my mouse pointer over the icon farthest to the left on the line listing my message I noticed a message in the browser status bar sayng "Connecting to".

Then my eyes wandered across the status bar to the thermometer progress bar which was stuck about half-way across and making no progress.

I have not noticed this behavior at other sites. I have been Googling, and reading many "OSS" type sites all day. So, I think that my pipe out to my ISV and back seems to be OK. My ISV's pipe out to the backplane and back would also seem to be in the clear.

But, there seems to be a direct connection to the bit-bucket somewhere between here and

Any, ideas yet?

amosf 10-03-2004 04:26 AM

No help, but just to let you know that firefox here is working fine with I'm still using an older version tho... 0.93

shortsword 10-03-2004 04:40 AM

:D :scratch:

Well now I am happy but also very confused and really scratching my head.

I did not say in original post that I only started using Firefox today. But, before that I had been using Mozilla from practically day -one of getting onto Linux (even though Mozilla is NOT the default on FC2). But, back before the days before our ISP seemed to be forcing all customers to use Micro$haft InternetExploiter, my son and I, both recovering AOLers, had been very happy with Netscape. So, Mozilla seemed right at the time. And I switched of Evolution.

Anyway, after sending the second message, I brought up Mozilla and came back to only to see the same symptoms I had seen before. So, I hit the reboot button to come up in XP and try IE. In IE, I saw all the icons just fine and could get even more helpful hints when I hovered my mouse pointer over them, than I had in Firefox or Mozilla. At that point I was very sad. This newbie Penguinista does NOT want to admint to the superiority of M$ over things Linux.

So, out of that inferior OS and back to the natural habitat of a geek, i.e., Linux and back to Firefox and to enter one more update post. And, low-and-behold, all the icons are here and all the hint messages too, just like in IExploiter.


Now before you start chiding the newbie4:newbie: , I am only new to this forum. Been doing computers for nearly thirty years and have worked many jobs as a software engineer. And, since I have done nearly the last eight years exclusively on M$ platforms (and was using them at home even before that), I am well of aware of the need to boot Wintel boxes as the first troubleshooting step when things go wrong. In fact, I refer to that manuever as "Micro$haft general fix I". And, even though I wasn't really working on a Wintel box at the time (Lintel, I guess), I did boot before making the first post. I have no idea why it did not take then, but did when an additional power-cycle through XP was involved.

But, it did, and I am happy, and now I can get on to entering the post for the real problem that brought me to

amosf 10-03-2004 04:48 AM

There's only one thing to be sure of with PC's...

Weird stuff happens :)

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