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jonnypop00 07-22-2003 11:15 AM

I'm running Redhat linux 6, and the linuxconf wont open when I click on it, nor when I try to run it from the command line. any ideas? Also, I'm logged in as the root, and I'm trying to copy files over to another server, but for some reason, I don't have access to all the files? how can this be? I've checked permissions and root has access.

MasterC 07-22-2003 11:23 AM

How are you copying the files? If you are using NFS, did you use the no_root_squash option in your /etc/exports? You will have to in order for root to be considered root on both systems.

As far as linuxconf, it has always been my understanding that it really wasn't worth the hassle to do things with it, most of the time it'd bork the system more than it already was.


Welcome to LQ :)

What are you wanting to use linuxconf to do? There are likely better tools out there to accomplish the task(s) than linuxconf.


jonnypop00 07-22-2003 11:31 AM

here's how I'm copying files. On the server I am copying to, I have unix services for windows running. I mounted a folder on the linux server pointing to a directory on the windows server, then I am just dragging and dropping into the mounted folder. Is there a better way to do this.

And as for linux conf, I am not the one that set up the server, and that was the only place I knew where to do things such as configure shares, add users, configure samba etc.

MasterC 07-22-2003 11:35 AM

Well, you can install it, and you may have good luck with it, I'm sure I only heard the horror stories because that's usually all you hear about when people are asking for help right ;) If you've got yourself the install CD, the RPM for linuxconf should be labeled as such.

As for your server deal...

It sounds to me like a SAMBA server if windoze is involved, and I am the last person to even guess at SAMBA issues, however it seems there are quite a few posts around about it, and I'm sure a search might turn quite a few possibilities to help you out.


jonnypop00 07-22-2003 12:17 PM

Recursive permissions
in redhat linux 6, if I change permissions on the parent folder, do all folders and files below it change accordingly?

Pcghost 07-22-2003 03:36 PM

A better tool to configure SAMBA (and many other services) is Webmin. It is browser based and works quite well. It can be found at

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