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grassisgr33n 04-21-2004 07:54 AM

linux with 2K
Hi all,

I am totally new to Linux.
I have a m/c with windows 2000, now i want to install linux alongside so as to work on both OS.
Is it possible to do so without disturbing my 2000 OS.
If yes can someone suggest how to do it...some document/some link.


hamish 04-21-2004 08:04 AM


get a program like Partition magic, install it and the partition your hard drive. This way you will have a free partition on your hard drive on which to install linux and you won't damage your windows install (although, it would be a blessing to you if you did!).

Once oyu have partitioned it, choose your favourite distro (, download it, burn it to CD, reboot and start installing Linux.

Which distro? Well, lots of people suggestion Mandrake for beginners. I use gentoo and to be perfectly honest, I would recommend this for a beginner too. As long as you follow the SUPERB documentation given by the Gentoo developers ( then your install will work just fine!

Fedora is also quite popular with beginers (I started off on Red Hat which is more or less the same AFAIK).

What if something goes wrong? Don't panic! Search Google a couple of time, search LXQ and, if you don't find your answer, come back here, post a question and someone will try and help you.

Good luck and welcome to rules!


wijnands 04-21-2004 08:11 AM

One other tip, make sure you know what's inside your pc. Knowing your sound and video card's details can save you a lot of trouble. For windows there's which is an excellent way to discover that.

grassisgr33n 04-22-2004 05:35 AM

Hey guys
Thanks for info, will get back after trying

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