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Catfishpony 01-14-2011 02:26 PM

Linux thinstation bootable cd problem stuck at "Booting the Kernel"
First off im very new to linux and have only been involved with linux for a couple days. Anyways, let me explain what i'm attempting todo. I want to make a DVD to automatically restore a partition without any human interaction other than inserting the dvd and turning the pc on. I'm using norton ghost 11.5 to restore the image and im using thinstation 2.2 as my OS.

I have a cd that will boot up thinstation but then i would have to type in a command to have ghost start restoring the partition. so basically i figured i would put a script in the etc/init.d folder of initrd. so i extracted the contents of initrd using 7zip, put the script in the directory and then compressed initrd into .gz format. however now when i put the newly made dvd in i get stuck at "Booting the Kernel."

is this a problem with initrd format? if so what format does it need to be in and how to i get it into that format?

is there some way to set the parameters of the kernel to fix this problem? and if so how do i go about doing that?

or am i approaching this whole thing the wrong way?

jefro 01-14-2011 03:23 PM

Hello and welcome.

Why not use some simple script that boots from some media and uses some linux command like dd, tar, cat or such.

I don't get the norton deal. Might help me at least if you tell me a bit more.

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