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pleasehelpme 05-10-2005 12:02 PM

Linux speech for text or artical for me ?
Dear linux community.

I am lived in english as second language country and so try to learn more English.what i am seeking is a software that will speak in english as the text high-lined or paragraphs i selected for me !!!

is there really such software for linux ?how to get it !

i want it to speak very clearly like human voice not robot sounds.


thorn168 05-10-2005 04:43 PM

I am not sure that Linux has this kind of software developed yet.

However...Windows does.

The software is typically used by people who are visually impaired.

The list is:

1.Jaws (Screen reader)
2. MAgic screen magnifier (maginifes the desktop and has a screen reader component.
3. Kurweil 1000
4. Kurweil 3000

Unfortunately these are very expensive programs. The most appropriate program for your circumstance is Kurweil 3000. It is like the most advanced word processor ever created. It speakes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
It will load the correct fonts and character sets for those languages and it has a built in dictionary and thesurus which can be used entirely in the native language or as a english to spanish or French to German, etc. translation dictionary.

It costs about $5000 USD

If you are lucky your local library may have copy that you could use.

There are also some schools that offer voice training for learning english diction.

Good Luck,


Emmanuel_uk 10-04-2005 08:24 AM

Might meet your needs or not

If you look for links in
there are things like "Yet Another Screen Reader"

And recently KDE could speak? (cannot remember the name of the application)

JLearnIt is a multilingual dictionary sorted by categories that helps you learn the vocabulary of another language progressively (each word has a level of use). The languages available are French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian.

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