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newbie_adm 10-23-2010 02:03 PM

Linux-HA on SAN storage

I would like to ask if these failover and heartbeat on LINUX is applicable for Linux-HA. We have a SAN Storage. The SAN storage uses multipath.We have configured a volume on the SAN that can do a shared-storage on multi-host. I have server1 and server2. On SAN we allowed the 1volume to be mounted on server1 and server2. It means they can a mount the same volume at the same time. server1 will act as the primary db storage of 1volume. Server2 will act only as hot standy server. Meaning all transaction will only access/write on 1volume on server1. In case of server failure on server1, server2 will take over for the transaction to write on the 1volume mounted on server2. Can I do this linux-HA. Install both daeamon on both server?Will it automatically routes to server2 will failure kicks in? Hope you have solution with this one.Kinda new to this one.


mesiol 10-24-2010 06:43 AM


i can answer "yes". But like everything, it depends.

Somewhat more information will be nice.

- which distribution you are using?
- what did you try to get a successfull setup?
- what documenation is unclear to you?
- what state has your installation actually?
- how many experience do you have in building cluster solutions?

A good beginning will be reading How to as Question the smart way

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