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mercede75 10-03-2007 09:12 AM

Linux booting problem, segmentation fault when starting udev
I'm new to LINUX and having a booting problem. before that I was running Avast antivirus program that detected some viruses on the computer. after cleaning I restarted the machine but it does not boot properly anymore. Can anyone help. Here are the messages I Recieve:
Uncompressing linux ...OK booting the kernel
PCI: cannot allocate resource region 1 of device 0000: 00: 00.0

Red Hat nash version standby
Init: versiob 2.85 booting
setting default font (latacyrheb_sun16):/bin/unicod... line 40 713 segmentation fault Set font $1 [FAILED]

Welcome to Red Hat Linux Enterprise Setup
Starting udev: /sbin/start_udev: line42: 738 segmentation fault cp-a /etc/udev/devices * /dev/ >/dev/null 2>&1
Initializing Hardware
after the last line the system just stucks there

Please note that I cannot do fresh installation as I do not want to loose all the data that is there. also will the applications installed there would keep on workinng as before?

I have tried booting with the installation media with linux rescue as the command. but I dont know where to go from there or what files to look into. Does the setup program offers any automated repairing like windows? could it help in at least booting the system?

cmnorton 10-03-2007 10:52 AM

Start With Red Hat Rescue
Red Hat has excellent documentation, and if this is RH EL its support is paid for at least 30 days past installation. Red Hat also has a good rescue disk. It would not hurt to try to restore from that.

What told you you had viruses?

I would also contact avast, and bring their support into this. Is this the home edition or did you pay for it?

A live CD -- I have forgotten if the Red Hat Rescue (CD 1) will act in that capcacity or not -- or a Knoppinx CD may be what you have to have to preserve your data and install again, if it comes to that.

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