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tizak 07-28-2010 10:54 AM

linksys wcp11 v4 wireless card, recognized will not connect
Hi all, new to linux, I have installed Debian-Lenny using the first full install cd and expecting to install the rest of the packages through the network. A couple of issues, one, I have two network cards in my Dell cpt500 laptop and during installation defined my wired nic as my primary adaptor for net install, everything went fine and I have internet access through the zircom ethernet card, after installation I went to system/network and noted that the second wireless nic, (Linksys wcp11) was not active and identifed as wlan0. I selected and put in the essid, wpa personal password and selected dhcp. When I reopen network settings the wireless card check box is highlighted as active and all settings are saved except there is no indication of a wpa personel password, is this right. Although I can download packages, my default net install mirrors are:

deb lenny main non-free contrib
deb-src lenny main non-free contrib

deb lenny/updates main
deb-src lenny/updates main

I do not seem to have access to all packages, the reason I ask, looking on the internet I note wicd or nm-applet are ways of managing wireless connections, yet when I use apt-get I receive the message "Couldn't find package". Is there something I am missing.

On a related issue, I have installed Gnome, looking in applications and system I cannot locate the gui package manager, although I installed from the first full cd in series only it seems I am missing quite a few fundamental packages. Could someone relay important packages I should install in a desktop environment.

Brains 07-28-2010 03:11 PM

Yes, I have had wireless issues also with Debian and wicd just up and works. Of course, when installing wicd, I also remove network-manager which should also remove network-manager-gnome or kde depending on the desktop environment(s) installed.
Did you issue command: apt-get update before trying to install.
And synaptic is the GUI installer you are looking for, it should be in the administration section of the menu. Hitting the reload button in synaptic is the same as the apt-get update command.
And your sources.list may be missing something, was it automatically generated or did you alter it? because there is usually a forward slash after the URL:
deb lenny main non-free contrib

EDIT: One more thing you can try is to change your repository to an http site rather than a ftp. Here is the list of Debian mirrors, the defaults are all ftp, the secondaries offer both in most cases, ftp is the first link, http the second. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to United States, pick something close to home, they are mostly Universities. Click on the link to one you would like to try, the browser will take you to the site, copy the URL as is and past it over the default URL in your sources.list as root and save it, reload and try to install again.

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