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allan2008 03-28-2008 11:32 AM

Linksys AM200 Modem
Running PClinux without setting up firefox, managed to configure modem on Details given by Tiscali were entered and updated successfully. However,on connecting to internet via connection wizard, could not access web. Seems to be a linux/modem problem, but in that case how did I get to the site to configure the modem? This message via Microsoft Vista pc. I can hear you all going ugh! However, I'd like to migrate too.

Ace Blackwell 03-29-2008 09:47 AM

Just shooting in the dark, and considering I don't have my network up yet, you have to forgive a possible stupid response. However, I too have a linksys router with a modem attached. On mine, I use to access the router, I use to access the modem. Once in the modem, mine has similar options to the router. Actually my modem acts as a 4 port router.

Anyway, you may want to use your modem's access page (such as see if you are getting past the router to see the modem. You may have the modems access address located on a label on the modem somewhere, or you can search the web/mfg page to see what the access address is.

Just a Newbie though.

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