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Freestone 01-20-2003 06:21 AM

lin modem
Still can't connect to my isp with the modem I have. I purchased this machine pre-built from Tiger Direct as a Lindows machine and I don't like the click-and-run idea.....$$$$$....

Anyway, the modem came with the computer but I have no idea
who the manufacturer is and I know its a controllerless modem, so---
would it be a good idea to just get a modem that is compatible with Linux? I have RH 8 and once I get connected I won't be using Camp Bills software anymore.

It has an Intel chipset---downloaded the drivers for it according to the chipset number. The modem is recognized and even dials out. As soon as the handshake or whatever tries to occur, I get the error 'NO CARRIER'. This modem works just fine in XP, so like I said, am I better of with a modem designed for Linux? I called the isp and found out for sure that they are using PAP...tried everything I could find on the internet concerning this error message to no avail.

New modem or keep pluggin' along trying to get this modem to connect? I value all input!



Edward78 01-20-2003 12:04 PM

I don't think that error has anything to do with the modem, it is working so that is not it. I think it maens the line is busy.

Freestone 01-21-2003 01:25 AM

If the line is busy then why can I get through with this modem using XP? I don't think its because the line is many people in my area use the same number for dial up access?
So there must be a logical explanation/solution for this.
I"m not trying to argue......



isajera 01-21-2003 04:38 PM

well... if it's dialing out and getting a "no carrier" error -then it's not a driver problem... so keep the modem you've got. i'm almost sure it's a config problem.

what program are you using to dial out? ppp can be extremely frustrating to use on it's own, as i can tell you from experience - wvdial is much more friendly, but it's not as easy to integrate it into X.

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