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cirkut5732 10-24-2003 06:57 PM

LILO wont boot WinXP NTFS partition
Hi everybody
I'm still kinda a newbie to Linux (slackware) so bear with me.
ok....I have recently reformatted my harddrive to put on slackware 9.1 (i had 9.0) and windows XP pro, i usually formatt my XP pro partition as fat16 but for some reason this time it only gave me the option for NTFS, so i used that...but now when i install Slack 9.1 and reboot to the LILO screen, it says Linux only. I know LILO reads fat16 cause thats how i had it when i dual booted with XP and slack 9.0.
So my question is, how can i get LILO to read the NTFS partition??
ive tried the recommended LILO install anf the Custom install, when i did the custom installed it found my NTFS partition, and it says type in the partition your looking for. so i
but when i reboot, still only LINUX shows up in LILO?? whats the deal? anyine know? or am i stuck botting with floppy?
thanks everyone

P4 2.2 GHZ 200FSB
GForce FX 5600 Ultra
40 GB Maxtor harddrive
512 mb PC1600 ram

quatsch 10-24-2003 07:06 PM

/etc/lilo.conf probably just needs an entry for windows. Something like:


This'll work if windows is on /dev/hda1. After changing lilo.conf run lilo:
/sbin/lilo -v
and you should be all set.

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