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jbarreir 08-30-2003 06:50 PM

LILO and Windows ME
I installed Red Hat Linux over a disk that had already installed Windows ME. I installed LILO in the first sectors of my /boot partition (I read somewhere that installing LILO in the MBR could cause some problems to boot windows again)
The problem is that when I boot the pc, LILO doesn't boot (the pc boots windows, without asking anything). As a result, the only way to load linux is using the boot diskette.
What could I do to be able to use LILO. Should I reinstall LILO at the MBR?
Thanks in advance

Skyline 08-30-2003 07:13 PM

Use the boot disk to boot into Linux - open a shell - su to root user then :

kedit /etc/lilo.conf

look for the

boot=............directive at the top

change it to


save the file

as root user again from the shell - type


then reboot and boot from the hard drive as normal

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