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your_shadow03 12-29-2009 03:27 AM

likewiseOpen !!
Does it make sense to use this?

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 04:13 AM

I have used it and find it much easier than configuring kerberos and samba. Though likewise edits smb.conf in turn.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 04:24 AM

Checked the Review. Seems promising !!
But the link speaks of not supporting Solaris x86 32 bit and Opensolaris too.
Otherwise Good Stuff we can rely upon.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 04:27 AM

linuxlover.chaitanya..One question for U..

Can we use likewise to authenticate against the existing AD by not joining the domain ?

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 04:27 AM

It does support Solaris. Look in Unix section.

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 04:29 AM

Likewise is used to join the Linux machines to AD domain. But because it authenticates with AD, I guess it should be possible. Just like a windows machine outside the domain would be asked to provide domain credentials for accessing the resources.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 04:31 AM

Can yu elaborate this?

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 04:34 AM

Can you confirm me about the same? with Examples if any?

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 04:35 AM

If you want to use domain resources, say a shared folder, on a system that is not the part of the domain, you will be asked to provide domain credentials to access it in a pop up windows.
So, I am guessing likewise could be used in a similar way to pass domain credentials for accessing resources or authenticating domain users. And I am guessing this because to join Linux machine to a windows domain, you need to pass domain credentials as well.

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 04:36 AM

I have used likewise for joining machines to domain but never for the purpose you are wanting. And thats why I said I am guessing it should work.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 04:49 AM

Lets see I have put the questions in their forum:)

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 05:23 AM

Keep posting with the answers you get there. I will keep myself subscribed to this thread.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 05:43 AM

Meanwhile I want to check something..
I want to check if I can get the linux server authenticate with my company AD.
What step I need to follow?

linuxlover.chaitanya 12-29-2009 06:00 AM

If you want to use Likewise, then just install it and then add your server to your company domain. It should automatically be configured to authenticate in your domain.
If you want to do it manually, then the best way is to configure kerberos and samba.
You should be able to use ntlm authentication.

your_shadow03 12-29-2009 10:39 PM
Senior Member says "Its not possible".

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