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DarkPlexus 11-02-2007 07:53 PM

libSDL problems "Could not initialize libSDL" & "No available video device"
well, im trying to get this game to work, called trackballs

as you can see from the subject, im having the problems that are below:


[DarkPlexus@localhost ~]$ trackballs
setLocale:  -> en_US.UTF-8
Welcome to Trackballs.
Using /usr/local/share/trackballs as gamedata directory.
Could not initialize libSDL.
Error message: 'No available video device'

anybody got any ideas of where i can start?

i put the "storyline" below this time, if anybody wants to know what i've done or gone through to try to understand more things, read on, otherwise.. it's possibly unnecessary :S

(need a tag that does <storyline> long long ago in a land far far away</storyline> type of thing ..heh)

i've poked around the web quit a bit, and the forums and other places too.
from seeing the various stuff, people start having problems once they update video drivers...however i don't know if that relates to me or not.

i did install kmod-nvidia ... the legacy type that says 96xx (for i686 i think?) just the other day
btw how do i check for a rpm that's installed that's labeled close to something that's just above??

i've been trying to get openGL to work ( i had to install and remove sooo many kmod packages because they failed to stop X server and dropped me into bash upon booting my system ) the legacy 96xx hasn't done that
(im also using a GeForce4 MX 4000) and some of "uname -a" gives me: i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux. using Fedora 7

well i've been installing various games from source code, and it's been one hell of a trip getting to where i am (source of such and such needs this library, and that library needs some other thing and that thing needs some other thingy, and now many hours have passed by and i still haven't gotten the game source to even be compiled just yet) ZSNES emulator and trackballs were the worst of them all lol both of which still don't work btw heh
so anyway, i got bzflag and various small openGL games to work really good.

getting libSDL to work on any game i've acquired was always a problem.
i would install libSDL then a game would ask for some other thing about libsdl as if it wasn't installed, and then another component and another and so on.

the cool thing though is that from doing all this junk, is that my other parts i haven't quit figured out how to get functional because they're just crashing back to shell are starting to work because of the other stuff being properly put together.

DarkPlexus 11-02-2007 08:55 PM

i found something on the net talking about how when ppl with this problem go back and recompile SDL, when they use ./configure says checking for X ... no
which means i have a broken xorg.conf (it's what that forums suggested/said/etc)

however i don't know how to repair my old xorg file lol, i have backups that have the stuff about it before i installed kmod-nvidia, and the default xorg.conf file is still there but renamed to back it up...
however i don't know if using those old files will hurt my system if i compile sdl using them and then swtich back to kmod-nvidia's stuffs....


found it out it doesn't matter at all, new or old cong file makes no diff.

if i knew how to find what packages are installed that i put in with yum i'd take them out and start over .... so things at least function.. lol

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