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jramirez07 02-22-2009 12:53 PM

LFS book 6.3 - step 6.10 readjusting the tool chain
Hello all,

I am currently building a LFS for a school project.

I am a total Linux newbie and have to say that starting to build the system has given me great insights to the inner workings of a linux system. I am actually going to build BLFS after my LFS is completed.

The issues I'm currently having is with step 6.10 when readjusting the tools chain & performing the sanity check. all is good but when performing the readelf -l a.out | grep' : /lib'
I get an error saying that a.out does not exist or more specific: readelf: Error: 'a.out' : No such file

I have looked into the different community forums, reviewed the FAQ page & searched throughout google but no luck. I found however someone with the same issues as I had and immediately found his mistake & corrected but did not post his issue:

If anyone can shed some light, it will be much appreciated.

onebuck 02-22-2009 01:49 PM


Maybe you should post to the Linux From Scratch forum.
Or request this post to be moved to that forum.

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