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torytappert 07-21-2003 12:09 PM


I installed mdk9.1 resently and I'm now having problems with ldap server. I want to deny autologin for users (like myself). I tried to set this action up in Mandrake Control Center but I got this "Cannot bind to ldap server" reply. This autologin as user happens now after boot.

In older mdk-versions I've changed to no-autologin successfully (through control center) but this time it seems to be a bit harder.

Well, I have to install this OpenLDAP, right? Or is there any other way around this problem? I'll be using this machine by myself only so I don't have to set any (or many) security settings, so far.

Thanks in advance.

torytappert 07-21-2003 12:48 PM


I've fixed it already. I installed OpenLDAP but I quess I won't need it at all because I found this autologin question from control center's boot topic. There was a simple question of login to this desktop, "I want to autologin" or "No, I don't want to autologin". ;-) Dumb me...

But I've got this other question of acronyms. I'm getting sick of acronyms (especially when not explained properly!). Wonder if you know any source in the Web where to find (at least almost) all of those acronyms explained? I really would appreciate that.

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