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Nego 01-21-2005 10:29 PM

Kwin will not start! Left with klipper :(
Well, when I start fedora and type in "startkde" it gives me an error like "seems as though you already have another windows manager running, Kwin cannot start!" and "Killper is already running!" So Im left with these green windows that cannot close or minimize well, anyone know how I can load kwin windows manager?

valerie_tux 01-22-2005 03:24 AM

Before you run startkde, you can try terminating klipper and maybe any other program. Of course that is the first the step you would have done. coming to startkde. It is basically a shell script that loads the KDE based components once X is alive. On my debian I use the script 'kdm' which loads X and startkde in sequence so that both are in Sync. Am not sure how that would work out in Fedora.


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