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Chronothread 10-31-2007 10:47 PM

Kubuntu - Low Sound Problem
I'm currently running Ubuntu 7.04 with KDE. The sound is extremely quiet when running it and I have no clue what's wrong with it. I have windows on the same computer and the sound from that is just fine. I still don't know much of what I'm doing with Linux, so I might need to ask you to explain how I do something, but yah... Thanks for your time.

BCarey 10-31-2007 11:26 PM

Try using "alsamixer" (or kmix, or whatever) and raise the volume.


Chronothread 11-01-2007 12:54 AM

Haha, I had tried doing that before and it didn't help. That's why I was confused, but I just tried it again and it worked. Ah, whatever. Thanks for the help!

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