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theif519 07-03-2011 07:15 PM

Kubuntu: After KWin Crashed, something happened to Docky, Screenlets, and others
For instance, it said that "Docky needs proper composition to work properly" when it was working properly before. After having too many Flash applications open, after clicking on a link to a Youtube video, everything crashed, and it said that *For the 20th time now in a week* that KWin has crashed. Then I tried to log out and log back in since that normally fixed everything, but I couldn't log out, instead I had to killall Xorg but all that showed next was a black screen instead of what it should have shown, the login screen. I had reboot from the terminal and the login screen was normal, but when I booted in to KDE, everything that needed OpenGL and Composition crashed. Docky doesn't have a black box around it, but it won't intellihide like it should *And I tried to set it back to that setting but it didn't give me the option to*

I'll post a screenshot right now.

theif519 07-03-2011 07:32 PM

Another update... Whenever I open up Guake Terminal, it shows the wallpaper instead of the browser.

I had no idea how long it would take me to do this, it seems that everything feels slower now... especially Java

The one with guake terminal
One showing what it looks like in a web browser
One of my desktop

Now, it did NOT look this way 20 minutes ago. I was browsing Yahoo! Answers, playing Runescape *Yes, I know, but I like it* and then while trying to answer a question on Yahoo Answers, someone had a Youtube link and I went to it and everything froze, and then the screen went completely black and it said KWin crashed. I suppose that last video was too much flash open at once. Also, I had 2 browsers open, one with and the other using Runescape, since Aurora isn't good with it, but Chrome doesn't have

theif519 07-03-2011 07:37 PM

Actually, it works perfectly in GNOME2.3 AND Unity, it's just KDE. I've come to like KDE, but I wouldn't mind using GNOME2.3 again if it's impossible to recover *In which I doubt, since the community normally comes up with an answer eventually*

GNOME works perfectly fine except for the thing that I messed up before.

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