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wlaw 06-24-2004 03:53 AM

KPPP connection
Every time I connect to internet by KPPP, using accounts other than root, it asks me to type the root password, how could it be done so that anyone, or some user could use the KPPP without asking for the root password ?

dalek 06-24-2004 06:07 AM

You may want to go to the menu config, may be menu editor, screen and see if "run as root" is checked. It shouldn't be but it happens sometimes.

Hope that helps.

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RoaCh Of DisCor 06-24-2004 05:07 PM


wlaw 06-27-2004 12:23 PM

It's strange that I followed the instructions of the above link and successed. Howevre, the next time I login, it's still the same that no one could access KPPP except root !

Why ?

I've created a user group called kpppuser and add two accounts to it !

I changed the group ownership of kppp and pppd to kpppuser. Is it correctr ?

RoaCh Of DisCor 06-27-2004 04:01 PM

goto your /usr/bin and delete kppp

Make a link of the usr/sbin/kppp to the /usr/bin

See if that works.

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