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beginnerx 09-27-2003 01:22 AM

knoppix download, made a CDR disk, but
Well, on the advice of a forum member, did a 699 MB download of Knoppix to a desktop folder, then used my burner software, B's Recorder Gold, to make a Data CD on my external, PCMCIA connected Sony CD drive. Although everything appeared to finish okay, (just one CDR needed), I don't think so. The CDR seems to be stuck on open with notepad, which doesn't do anything except get to 5% and then start over. It won't boot the system any differently, if the internal CD drive is used as the boot device, with the CDR in it. Also, the CDR refuses to be examined in any way, explored, nothing.

I am wondering where things went wrong. I wanted to use Extract image on my burner software, but it would not let me do that, seems to do that only from another CD.

Also, before copying, the burner software asked me to specify wether the data was ISO compatible, or MSDOS/WindowsME etc. compatible....when I tried ISO compatible, it said the file name was wrong, so I chose the other option. Was this the problem?

Thank you for being so patient so far. All answers and comments appreciated.

maroonbaboon 09-27-2003 03:20 AM

Haven't heard of your recording software, so I did a quick google and found this.


I tried make bootable CDROM with BHA's "B's Recorder GOLD" in my Win2K box, and successed. The process is :
1) ISO image was mastered by jigdo.
2) Lunch "B's Recorder"
3) Drag .iso file into lower area of the writers window.
4) Burn!

Mitsugu Suzuki @ The Univ. of Electoro Communications

Maybe this means you should make sure your downloaded file has a .iso suffix? Ignore the 'jigdo' thing. This came from a Debian mail-list. Hope you success too!

P.S. Interesting concept: software asks you to choose, then says you chose wrong :)

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