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dvallier 03-14-2006 05:46 PM

I have an account set up for Kmymoney with 'accounting' as the group.
When user-A closes the account the owner changes to the user and the group permissions change to read only.
I cannot solve this problem as it only allows 1 user. Maybe this is a kmymoney issue but I haven't found anything from their docs.

uselpa 08-13-2006 08:09 AM

I have the same problem. I've posted it in the KMyMoney forum but haven't received an answer yet. Therefore, I have written a wrapper in bash to circumvent the problem:

chgrp accounting $FILE
chmod g+w $FILE
/opt/kde/bin/kmymoney $FILE
chgrp accounting $FILE
chmod g+w $FILE

Try if this works for you as well.

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