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jimwalton 08-31-2001 01:35 PM

Keyboard not responding
I just installed Linux.....again, and when I try to log in, the keyboard does not work. In other words, I can't type anything in. The mouse responds and I can click things but can't change the password, as I am prompted upon first booting up. Any ideas? I had this problem another time but didn't pursue a solution. thanks.


CragStar 09-02-2001 04:48 PM

Which distro are you using?

This is obvious, but... is it plugged in? (sorry)

How is the keyboard connected to the comp? Also, do the Caps and Num locks lights come on when pressed?

Try to press Ctrl-Alt-F1 together and see what happens.

jimwalton 09-02-2001 10:02 PM

I am using Corel, not the most recent version but one from a couple of years ago. I also have Mandrake version 6.5, but Corel seemed a little easier for a Linux newbie like me. By the way, the keyboard is plugged in...I guess you do have to ask that. LOL. The keyboard works at the initial menu where I can choose VGA mode etc, but once it goes thru the bootup process, the keyboard is disabled. It is an older ps/2 keyboard and it is literally the only thing I have not replaced recently. I have upgraded everything else. This system is a system I built and runs fine with Windows 98, however, I know I am taking my chances on if my hardware is Linux compatible. It is an Epox motherboard with a 450mhz AMD K62 cpu. I have browsed thru several Linux sites but have never seen a keyboard as being an issue. Thanks for any input you might have, let me know if I can answer any other questions.


CragStar 09-03-2001 12:41 PM

Do the keyboard lights come on? What happened when you pressed the combination of letters.

There may be a problem with the XF86Config file the only problem being you may not be able to edit it!

Try pressing Ctrl - Alt - F1 together and see if you can get to a terminal login point.

jimwalton 09-04-2001 09:18 AM

The keyboard lights are on at the initial menu, during the bootup process, the lights go off. CTL-ALT-F1 do not do anything.

Is there any hope of fixing this?


CragStar 09-04-2001 01:09 PM

I don't really think so, I can't find any specific info on the net. I

t may help if you 'could' try another Keyboard, but that is really something which you can't just fix normally.

You did select the correct one in the install?

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