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penquin_kid 02-12-2002 12:52 PM

kernel panic: context corrupt.........
Well I've scanned my hard drive and haven't found any errors, I'm not sure what is causing mandrake linux 8.1 to freeze if someone could help me out I would appreciate it....

isajera 02-12-2002 04:49 PM

it sounds like something wasn't copied correctly during installation... is this a fresh install, or are you trying to upgrade the kernel?

penquin_kid 02-13-2002 11:45 AM

This is a fresh install from mandrake linux 8.1..........I'm not sure what was happening but I talk it to get it fix cause when installing linux it would constantly freeze I'm not sure what could be the problem I did a full scan of my drive and there are no bad sectors on it.......

isajera 02-13-2002 12:06 PM

i've been doing a search on that panic - everything i've found points to a hardware problem, but i haven't been able to narrow it down to what it could be specifically. could you give a list of the hardware you're trying to install the linux on?

isajera 02-13-2002 12:33 PM

ok... found some more info. that error occurs during the machine check handling for the processor - an error there usually means a bad or overclocked cpu.

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