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Alybyzrp 10-29-2003 01:29 PM

Kernel, Bad Magic Number
I am using a development board that comes with a kernel. When I download this default kernel into the embedded linux board, I am able to boot up properly.

However, the original kernel does not have CD-ROM support enabled. I rebuilt the kernel image in a bash window (make config, make dep, make Image) with these new settings with no problems. It says that I have successfully made an ARM Linux Kernel Image for the board.

However, after downloading this kernel image into my embedded board and trying to boot up, I am told that there is a "bad magic number" and it will not allow me to use the rebuilt kernel. What is happening? Is this a hardware problem as it isnt recognizing the rebuilt kernels? My exact output is

CY3663 R3 # bootm c0000000
## Booting image at c0000000 ...
Bad Magic Number


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